08Wang Zhen Song Nina help big Xi’an runner home first station near a thousand friends run – China Net|Wang Zhen Song Nina help big Xi’an runner home first station near a thousand friends run – China Net1

Wang Zhen Song Nina Xi’an power "running" the first station of nearly a thousand runners participating – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 26, the reporter learned from the organizers of the event, sponsored by the Shaanxi new West Ham zone, with West Ham Metro West Symphony CMC "we are running" Xi’an health plan for the first station of life – Symphony West Metro Station activities, successfully held yesterday. Event attracted nearly a thousand participants in the greater Xi’an area, including a number of well-known enterprises run group, many students and the public, the atmosphere is hot. Xianyang City Vice Mayor Sun Yazheng, deputy director of the CMC Liu Youjun West Ham District, West Ham district administrative committee deputy director Wang Fei, the State Sports General Administration of sports department director Meng Yazheng comprehensive, ESPN vice president Gao Shanshan, Funeng Group Chairman Liu Jiayong, the incubator general manager Wang Guocheng, and the Rio Olympics gold medalist Wang Zhen, 20KM race Athens women’s volleyball Olympic gold medal winner Song Nina and other guests attended. After a brief speech, running into the warm-up phase. The scene of nearly a thousand in theme running jacket runners in the warm-up coach, along with the rhythm of the music, quickly enter the state, eager for a fight to have a go at 6.6 kilometers of track. Starting moment. Sponsor for map. I like running in particular, to hear the West Ham District Run Run Race, immediately took part in the six o’clock to get up and drive to come, said Li Yinuo from Xi’an. "The runway after double street, sponge City, end point is the Western cloud Valley, along the way, the environment is very beautiful, for our runners is visual enjoyment", he added. The enterprise group is an important force to run the event, including senior management personnel, in the activity before and after they began to talk about from running, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Olympic champion Wang Zhen also said in his speech, I hope all participants can use their perseverance and sweat, friendship and mutual aid, interpretation of the spirit of sports. "We are running a campaign for a total of five stations, from September to December in the town of West Ham were held, each station activities were finished can obtain customized medals, 5 points all finish can take up a medal round, and there will be a mystery prize waiting for all finished the race participants. Organizers hope that through 5 stations to promote the popularity of the New District, strengthen investment, boost the construction of modern new Xi’an center. (end)