08Italy Hall of fame the latest list of 10 people Marshal led Berlusconi in the column – Sports Sohu|Italy Hall of fame the latest list of 10 people Marshal led Berlusconi in the column – Sports Sohu1

Italy Hall of fame the latest list of 10 people: Marshal led Berlusconi in the column – Sohu of Italy sports hall of fame of the latest 10 people: Marshal led Beijing on October 26th news, the Italy Football Association today officially announced the sixth session of the Italy Hall of fame 10 new entrants, including last season led Leicester City Premiership champions Ranieri AC, President of Milan Football Club Berlusconi glorious list. It is reported that the awards ceremony will be held in January next year, the winners will be presented with their occupation a symbolic objects, by the Italy Football Association on the Football Museum Covey Er qianuo. Italy Hall of fame was established in 2011, its purpose is to recognize those football in Italy, and made great contributions to the football circles, including slow motion, sky sports, the daily sports newspaper, Rome sports, Milan sports newspaper and sports Turin and many other authoritative media voted and ginseng. It is necessary to point out that people in Italy Hall of fame of the need to meet the following conditions: Italy player (retired at least two season), foreign players (retired two seasons and at least five years playing in the Italy League), Italy veteran (at least 25 years of retirement), Italy coach (at least 15 years in charge, Italy) club officials (at least in 15 years, Italy football referee (at least) retired two seasons). Additional incentives are not limited to the above rules. 10 the football circles in Italy Hall of fame are: Giuseppe – Bergomi, Falco, Ranieri, Berlusconi, Paul, Rossi CESARI, Melania – plus BYD, and Campana Siti, and old Maldini lidholm. The list of the Italy Football Hall of Famer: Italy player: Baggio (2011), Maldini (2012), Baresi (2013), Cannavaro (2014), Gianluca Vialli (2015) and Bergomi (2016) foreign players: Platini (2011), Basten (2012), Batistuta (2013), Maradona (2014), Ronaldo (2015), Italy (2016): Falcao coach Sacchi (2011), Lippi (2011), telapatuoni (2012), Capello (2013), Ancelotti (2014), Mancini (2015), Ranieri (2016) Italy club official: Galliani (2011), Boni Petit (2012), Moratti (2013) (Marotta, 2014 Lionel), fee (2015) (2016), Berlusconi (2011), the referee: Corina Diogo (2012), casarin Nowlin (2013), the SONY (2013) and Blass (2014), odd Rossetti (2015), Cesari (2016): Italy veteran Geoff Riva (2011), (2012), Rivera (2013),)