07Ronaldo words angered Barcelona media fat! A traitor to barcelona!|Ronaldo words angered Barcelona media fat! A traitor to barcelona!3

Ronaldo words angered Barcelona media: fat! A traitor to barcelona! Barca, Ronaldo scored a stunning goal sina sports Brazil star Ronaldo in Movistar Plus’s "0 minutes" interview said, which surprised the Spanish fans. 20 years ago, is still in effect Barcelona Ronaldo scored one of the best goals in the history of football game against Kong Post La, but now the "alien" but said they would prefer to wear this shirt had achieved such goal. "It was a very good goal, but I’d rather have a Real Madrid shirt." Ronaldo said, the goal is very special, because it is the power and technology show. You have no time to think observant and alert. I persevere to the end." "The alien" goal in 1996, at the Lhasa Luo ball field, Barcelona 5 to 1 victory over Kong Post La, joining La Liga after just 3 months of Ronaldo with the changes of speed and rhythm, has been out of 7 Kan Coons Tara team scored a goal since we imagine, in the world of football fame. In this goal, Ronaldo touched the ball 14 times, running 48 meters, and finally completed the shooting. In an interview, Ronaldo also talked about his career in a number of injuries, these injuries almost let him play the end of his career. "It was my love for football that kept me going." Ronaldo also praised Real Madrid striker C Luo: "he has a lot of value, even if not goals. He’s got a good biography." Ronaldo also praised Real Madrid president Florentino: "for me, he has always been a very loyal man." "Daily sports newspaper" at Ronaldo was "fat," traitor "for Ronaldo would represent Real Madrid scored goals", "daily sports newspaper" to be criticized, called the "fat man" Ronaldo is a traitor and Barcelona, Barcelona let him become a superstar, but refused to admit their own past, and availed himself of the famous, had made the world Barcelona fans exciting goals to achieve this purpose. Is there anything worse than this?" (Yi Wan)