07Haikou to build the new toilet broken toileting problems (Figure) – Beijing|Haikou to build the new toilet broken toileting problems (Figure) – Beijing0

Haikou to build the "new toilet" broken toileting problems (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 20 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Wang Ziqian) only a short while ago, toilet difficult in the China City, people unbearable "convenience" to find the toilet, queuing for a long time, poor environment, the strong flavor of inconvenience. Then, a "toilet revolution" is trying to throw off this embarrassing. Is the construction of the international tourism island China street in Hainan Province, the provincial capital of Haikou City, recently appeared many new toilets, clean sanitation facilities and a rich, so accustomed to the taste of smell such as public toilets hitherto unknown enjoyment. "You can watch TV, listen to music, as well as the WiFi connection free internet access, the public said more comfortable than home." Longhua District of the city of a toilet cleaners Lin Zhaoyang said, the new toilet provides a comfortable toilet environment, cleaning work environment is greatly improved. The utility model has the advantages of clean and beautiful appearance and no peculiar smell, and the electronic display screen is arranged on the toilet door. Luo Yunfei taken into the new public toilets, no odor, toilet installed automatic flushing device and toilet door for help button is displayed on the electronic screen occupied, in the cubicle setting, female toilet seat number is more than male. Haikou city uses PPP (government and social capital cooperation) mode, the introduction of social capital for the transformation of public toilets, a total investment of about 60000000 yuan (RMB, the same below), renovation of new public toilets nearly 200. From the site to the construction, the national public toilets are two types of standards, and managed by professional enterprises. The general manager of Haikou Longma sanitation Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Luo Fuhai, environmental protection, public toilets are all solid frame type steel structure, with industrialization "assembly" to replace the traditional "construction", the construction time is only 20 days. The utility model has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, etc. the utility model can be disassembled to realize the reuse of resources. In order to realize humanization, the concept of third space is put forward." Luo Fuhai said that the third space is convenient for the elderly, disabled handrails, a baby care desk and a baby seat, also has a toilet of the two models, the installation of an emergency alarm device. The toilet is called "big and small", can directly reflect the level of social services and government governance. For the tourist city, tourists to experience has a direct impact on the tourism experience. China’s toilet revolution has entered a crucial year, in 2016 will be new, expansion and expansion of tourism toilets 25 thousand, invested more than 12 billion 500 million yuan of funds, the local government is also in the combination of business and exploration. In the famous scenic spot in Haikou Wanlvyuan, known as the "fifth space" public toilets is particularly conspicuous, the men’s room, here in addition to the toilet and the disabled toilet, also set up a special lounge, here visitors can blow air conditioning, watching TV, buy snacks, rub WiFi, automatic teller machine (ATM) function is also about to open. Hainan fifth space environmental management Co., project leader Sun Kai introduced the so-called "fifth space" is after the family space, work space, social space and virtual space, a new public space, positioning is a one-stop comprehensive community service center, the entire layout of dozens of Haikou. He said, "fifth space" set of advanced green processing technology