05The property market, stock market weak stock index fell fall 3000 – Beijing|The property market, stock market weak stock index fell fall 3000 – Beijing8

The property market, stock market weak stock index fell fall 3000 – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 26 (reporter Chen Kangliang) on the categories of asset China in the stock market and property market is experiencing Rainbow Night". In the property market continued unpopular at the same time, Chinese A shares but stumble endlessly, representative of the Shanghai Composite Index Monday fell nearly 2%, fell 3000 point mark again. As of 26 closing, the Shanghai composite index reported 2980 points, or 1.76%, turnover of 162 billion 300 million yuan (RMB, same below); Shenzhen component index reported 10392 points, or 2.05%, turnover of 262 billion 900 million yuan; the small board index reported 6667 points, or 2.27%; gem index reported 2122 points, down 1.56%. Northeast Securities strategist Shen Zhengyang told News Agency reporters in an interview recently, A shares is mainly due to continued weakness in front of the Sturm und Drang of the property market, the attractiveness of the stock market decline, the lack of incremental funding admission, A shares have gradually marginalized trend. China’s property market has recently reproduced the pattern of inflation. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics show Chinese, 2016 August, Chinese 70 large and medium-sized city, 4 new commercial housing prices fell in the city, there are 64 rose in the city, the city has 2 flat; in the chain of price changes, the highest increase of 5.6%. Affected by the expected impact of rising house prices, more and more investors enthusiasm, I have cash. Finance Research Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Dong Dengxin told News Agency reporters, Chinese property market "high fever" is a monetary phenomenon, after years of rapid growth in broad money, investors seeking assets strong desire; and more speculators are based on residential land scarcity, the government can not suppress the severe the property market and other factors. China’s first tier cities prices have been too high, do not rule out the possibility of adjustment in the fourth quarter. In this regard, Ping An Securities strategist Wei Wei also endorsed. In his view, the real estate market this year, the impact of changes in several aspects. First, the real estate consumer demand overdraft, rigid demand stimulus in the speculative buying market panic; second, consume a large amount of liquidity and the savings of residents, residents always China buyers leverage is not high, the past total leverage is only 20%-30%, but this year’s data show new buyers leverage nearly 60% residents. For the future trend of the stock market, Wei Wei said that in 2015 when the Chinese stock market is the most popular, the stock price rose once also inhibited the upward bond market. Relatively speaking, the liquidity of the real estate market even worse, the second part of the city’s second-hand housing transactions accounted for a very low for the large consumption of liquidity may mean for the stock market, incremental funding allocation is gone, the market risk appetite sluggish will last longer, A shares are expected to the market will continue to maintain a narrow range pattern for this round of the property market. (end)