04Arab League efforts to fight for the 1 crown in Guangdong play a role in the Lakers dissatisfied|Arab League efforts to fight for the 1 crown in Guangdong play a role in the Lakers dissatisfied0

A: to Guangdong for another fight 1 crown dissatisfaction Beijing on October 28th news plays a role in the Lakers, Yi Jianlian this morning from Losangeles to Guangzhou. In an interview, the Arab League in addition to expressing dissatisfaction with the role of the Lakers, but also said that after returning to Guangdong will do their best to fight for the Southern China tigers 1 championship! Arab League revealed that the choice and the Lakers break up is well thought out. "From the camp down to the last day of this decision, there are many aspects into account," Yi said, "the most important thing is they can play, can play on, or to stay based on NBA, this is a double-edged sword of choice. The ultimate goal of course is to stay in NBA, hoping to better play their own on the stage, but from the point of the reality of the situation, including the situation in the Lakers, and the role in the team, there are still a lot of differences with their expectations." Just over 29 years old birthday of the Arab League made it clear that the new season will continue to play for the Guangdong team. At present, the Guangdong men’s basketball team has to Chinese association formally submitted a joint application for registration at the same time, China by FIBA Basketball Association also asked NBA for about a joint letter to clarify. On the issue of registration of Yi Jianlian, the league office has a preliminary opinion, but also need to be approved before the official announcement. It is reported that the association should be China teshiteban, so a joint registration is not much of a problem. Because a joint return, the Guangdong team to become the 1 team with the winning team. Turning to the new season goals, the Arab League, said: from my team, the Guangdong team is the goal of the year. When I get back, I’m sure it’s not just a playoff game, I’m sure it’s not that simple. After coming back, I still hope that I can do my best to fight for the Guangdong team to win 1 champions." A last season played in 45 games for the Guangdong team, averaging 37.6 minutes, 26.4 points and 9.1 rebounds over 2.2 assists and 1.9 steals and 1.3 blocks of data. (Jimmy)