03Singapore first room or baby Baby award about 50 thousand yuan – International – People’s network|Singapore first room or baby Baby award about 50 thousand yuan – International – People’s network0

Singapore: first room or baby? Baby bonus of about 50 thousand yuan – International – people.com.cn Singapore government has been for the birth rate is too low to worry about, the prime minister’s office senior minister Yang Liming about the recent comments and more national discussion: what should a young couple room or Mr. baby? Talk about marriage and children problems, Yang Liming believes that Singapore young people can consider Mr. children settle down. Singapore Straits Times quoted Yang Liming, 11, said: sex only need a small space." She said: "in France, Britain and the Nordic countries, men and women can meet children, they love each other," she said, "this is just where you live or live here, do not have to worry about marriage, that can say later." Yang Liming emphasised that the social network was quickly reprinted. Straits Times also launched the first room or baby first, the Internet voting. World Bank data show that the average monthly income of 1.3 women of childbearing age in Singapore, the world ranked the bottom of the top fifth. The Singapore government has introduced a number of measures to encourage fertility, including giving children the couple cash rewards for each child to reward 10 thousand Singapore dollars (about 48 thousand and 600 yuan). According to the 2013 policy, couples with children can first apply for price concessions of public housing, a set of three rooms priced at about $400 thousand (about 1 million 940 thousand yuan). The same commercial real estate projects, the price is much higher. (Yuan Yuan) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Chang Hong)