02Happy Chinese made posters thanking Li Tie for the opportunity to study|Happy Chinese made posters thanking Li Tie for the opportunity to study8

Happy Chinese made posters thanking Li Tie to provide learning opportunities for Chinese happy made posters to thank Li Tie Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 28th for the Hebei Huaxia happiness Football Club officially announced that former coach Li Tie will serve as the youth work in the club, is expected to make deep study abroad. At this point, where the Li Tie class to officially have the answer, at the same time, Li Tie and the club rumors crushed. July 2015, former Hengda assistant Li Tie joined the team as the head of the Chinese coach team. In August 18, 2015, China happiness coach anthich class, Li Tie took the helm. At that time, the Chinese happy little match situation, there have been 12 points behind leaders Yanbian, from the second Beijing enterprises have 5 points, Chongchao situation is not optimistic. In the end of yesterday, Chinese happiness announced that Li Tie class, the former Manchester City boss Roberto Pellegrini will take office. Soon, the former coach of Li Tie’s whereabouts became the focus of everyone’s attention, there is news that Li Tie will return to the parent team Liaozu coach. Today, the Chinese happy official answers, thanked Li Tie for his contribution to the well-being of Chinese official issued a document, and announced that Li Tie will continue to work at the club youth promotion, team coaching after the first match against Guangzhou Evergrande, the club will also arrange a ceremony for Li Tie. From last August 18th to August 26th this year, Li Tie in the Chinese coach position lasted 375 days, record of 35 games 19 wins 6 flat 10 negative, winning 54.3%. Among them, in the 23 war 10 wins 5 flat 8 negative, in a 8 war 7 wins 1 flat, is the team Chongchao meritorious service manager. China Happy official issued as follows: thanks to the contribution made by Li Tie, we firmly believe that he is one of the best coaches in china. Li Tie will continue to contribute to the promotion of Hebei Chinese Happy football club in the promotion of youth and other aspects. At the same time, we are actively linked to the high level of European clubs, Li Tie to provide further study and further study opportunities. We firmly believe that: the heart has ideal, flowers bloom. September 10th, Hebei, China happy home against Guangzhou Evergrande before the game, the club will be in place for Li Tie carefully arranged a ceremony. (Zhou Kai)