01Yongchang senior next season to return to the top 7 foreign aid or only stay for 1 people – Sohu Spo|Yongchang senior next season to return to the top 7 foreign aid or only stay for 1 people – Sohu Spo5

Yongchang: Top next season goal to return more than 7 foreign aid or leaving only 1 people – Sohu sports Xinhua Shijiazhuang October 29th sports news (reporter Yang Fan Zhu Feng) from the 2015 Season 8 wins 15 flat 7 negative, the final seventh in the league’s "devil promoted" to advance a round of relegation this season, Shijiazhuang Yongchang into the impact force for the super at the same time, it left some sigh. The chairman said the day before the Yongchang club Li Qiang media interview, Yongchang in a season will stay in Shijiazhuang to continue to return to the super team, there will be change. "This year the team encountered difficulties, lack of experience, some club on the right way, and also the team this year are a little slack, a little wind, when you think about the difficult to start and tight, tight up is not the same thing." Although the outside world has more interpretation of Yongchang demotion, but Li Qiang admitted that the team is relegated to the most important club experience. In Yongchang this season after coaching changes, to a certain extent affect the team. Li Qiang said that agent coach Li Jinyu will retire after the end of the existing duties coach after the game. "The team is still handsome Yang Shuai Xuanshuai soil has not been determined, will be the fastest in mid November results." Once the shining Shijiazhuang Blues eventually relegated, mid season signings are many have criticized outside. Li Qiang said that the next club first to stabilize the team to solve the existing problems, foreign aid will make a lot of adjustments. Li Qiang explained that the team currently has 7 foreign players, and he must be cleaning Mauricio, Lonton may choose to retire because of injury reasons, another is determined to leave Reuben, South Korean foreign aid Zhao Rongheng may leave. "The performance is not good, this year’s foreign aid must be cleared, Mathews must leave, Mulenga will consider signing, or to their own look, seeing is believing one." In addition, Li Qiang said that many clubs have been in contact with Yongchang players, but there is no formal contact with the club. "These two days Yongchang will contract the players to renew the contract negotiations, the club would like them to stay." "Now can’t beat a retreat must firmly, engage in it, we set the target for next year is to find a way to fight back, rushed back to the super." Li Qiang said that Yongchang will firmly stay in Shijiazhuang, the middle of the season to continue efforts to return to china. (end)