01The road 2 2 draw with Jiangsu Suning crowned crown 3 Guangzhou Hengda Football Association C|The road 2 2 draw with Jiangsu Suning crowned crown 3 Guangzhou Hengda Football Association C6

The road 2 2 draw with Jiangsu Suning crowned crown 3   Guangzhou Hengda Football Association Cup – sports drink — people.com.cn original title: Guangzhou Hengda Hengda won the FA Cup Guangzhou celebration drink. Guangzhou Daily reporter Liao Yi photo – Guangzhou daily correspondent Li Bin Nanjing in November 27, after a fierce 2 – 2 draw, Guangzhou Hengda boarded the podium of the FA Cup champion in the Nanjing Olympic sports center. This cold night is not extinguished "winners" desire for honor, although in the early game this season AFC Champions League out, but Scolari’s team then used "domestic game 3 trophies in response. The club Liu Yongzhuo after the first time the team boss Xu Jiayin conveyed congratulations: "after 4 years, the team again won 3 domestic tournament champion, 3 time winner! Express warm congratulations to the team. I hope that the 2017 season, the team not only in the domestic arena, but also in the Asian arena to zaishangtaijie!" Scolari Scolari won the 5 crown 1 and a half years in the main list suspended Huang Bowen and Gao Lin, Zheng Long and Liao Lisheng start. Guangzhou Hengda opening does not meet, perhaps Nanjing’s cold weather, or to prepare the meeting to announce the 3 winners 20 million Yuan bonuses to bring pressure, in the harvest of a dream start, R? Martinez’s world for Suning early leader. However, the Hengda "winners" has rich experience in the finals, they find neither fast nor slow. Before the end of the first half, Paulinho equaliser. Two of the tactical changes during the break is the key to the game, cuilong Zhu replaced by Zhang Xiaobin Xie Pengfei, and the first leg of the same. Scolari was replaced by Gao Lin Liao Lisheng, Hengda frontcourt offensive point increase, Alan is from the middle to the side to make yourself more good at work. Jiangsu Suning again to rely on R? Martinez’s Epiphany score, the It is often seen. in Jiangsu Suning the entire season. However, cuilong Zhu wrong thing, he used 5 defenders to defend early game victory. Guangzhou Evergrande continued offensive repression, Huang Bowen eightieth minutes from Gu Chao mistakes "the help" the equaliser in Suning goalkeeper. Scolari in a year and a half has led the team to win 5 Champions: 2 Super Champion, 1 AFC Champions League champion, 1 Super Cup and 1 FA Cup champion. This is even beyond Lippi, during Lippi coached the rival also got 5 champions, but he took longer than Scolari more than half a year, but has not led the team to get a super bowl champion. This season, Jiangsu Suning is the largest investment Chinese football club, the FA Cup is the best battle they challenge the Guangzhou Hengda, but Suning still work not completed. This is the price of the young giants need to pay, there is no doubt that Jiangsu Suning in the future to bring the impact of Guangzhou Hengda will be strengthened. Cuilong Zhu two watched Hengda win cuilong Zhu should probably think about "fate" of the topic, in 2013 and 2016, cuilong Zhu and Guangzhou Hengda team of 4 matches. The results)