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Please be sure to care for pregnant mother oral problems – own health care Sohu WeChat public number "Concorde obstetric Ma Liangkun" reply keywords prize, participate in activities, you can receive a free set of oral care products for pregnant women. In September 21st in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital organized "Yunying oral health knowledge lecture" registration can be free to participate in the examination for gum ~ free, as well as small gifts for Oh ~ ~ in the United States, when the first baby long teeth, parents began to pay attention to children’s oral health, was professor of the correct method of brushing and oral hygiene habits. Brush your teeth two times a day, every two minutes to brush your teeth, floss every day, every six months to wash a tooth, to do regular oral examination…… In contrast, our sense of oral health seems to be far from enough, feel trouble, that is not necessary, but also spend more money. Even the national oral health awareness is generally weak, but the pregnant mother must not do not pay attention to their white teeth, oral health problems during pregnancy must pay attention to it! Why is this? Because pregnant women are prone to oral diseases! Great changes have taken place in the body hormone level after pregnancy, some hormones may cause vascular permeability increase, prone to cause hyperplasia. Plus pregnancy eat more, appetite is big, after most of the pregnant mother had no oral cleaning habits mouthwash, brushing your teeth, if you prefer acid, soft food, the two teeth in the mouth that is more dangerous. At the same time in early pregnancy, during that time frequent morning sickness of gastric contents, spit on the elevated pH of oral cavity, pose a threat to the oral immune defense. Thus, a variety of dental caries, as follow: during pregnancy, pulpitis, dental erosion, gingivitis and pericoronitis of wisdom tooth are pregnant common oral diseases. Think you have finished eating the sweet tooth? Will you bleed when you brush your teeth? If these performance, it must pay attention to the bad is the mother’s teeth, the harm is maternal health. First of all, no matter what kind of oral disease, will affect the behavior of eating mother, want to eat because of toothache and swollen gums, mouth is difficult to eat rice, or poor appetite, poor mental state could not eat, this is very adverse to the nutritional status of the mother, mother, lack of nutrition malnutrition which of your baby healthy growth poses a threat, intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight infants are probably the result of. At the same time, toothache is oral diseases often, which is as the saying goes "pulpitis, toothache is not a disease, pain up to life, severe pain when the body under stress, adrenalin constricts blood vessels, inhibit blood oxygen supply, placenta, affect fetal survival, which is pregnant to be in a calm mood, will cause great wrath move air". If you are suffering from dental disease can be careless with, the development, the symptoms will increase, the influence will become mother. Enamel etching little if we don’t pay attention to can cause dental caries, caries may occur in bacterial infection, is not conducive to maternal health; dental caries is not treated in time for the development of pulpitis, it can further develop apicitis, pregnant mother to n