00Zhang Yuning return to the first training by reusing the main or Lippi test|Zhang Yuning return to the first training by reusing the main or Lippi test1

Zhang Yuning? The first training by the main regression reuse or Lippi test? Zhang Yuning reporter Wang Xiaorui Kunming reported as "Lippi" is only a European League player, Zhang Yuning until 10 pm, the first time in the training course teaching by Lippi. Before that, he also did not participate in the 8 day with Wuhan zall teaching match. However, for the Dutch national football coach Lippi returnees, seems to have known. According to the team to reflect the situation, Zhang Yuning joined the team on the first day of training, has been vigorously using the silver fox. But what is ahead of the target main, a testing and inspection or from the fox? It all takes time to verify. Since Lippi took office, he is the team to attack the building, is more important. In this way, the silver fox has been carrying out attacking the 433 team to front three requirements, is very exquisite free with the. In this regard, in 8, against the drow had reflected. At that time, in the first half of the national team’s starting lineup in the front three stations (left) and Zhang Xizhe Gao Lin (in) and Yu Dabao (right). But along with the game, the transposition between the three is very frequent. For example, Gao Lin, would often detour to the left ball, Zhang Xizhe is customary retracement to the front waist region, organized by pass. However, in the 9 day holiday after the first training session, for in front of the personnel collocation, it is somewhat adjusted. And in this one, the core of the change is the sudden Zhang Yuning. Originally, because Zhang Yuning in the Eredivisie at Vitesse, missed the national team had a week of training courses. This makes many people have some concerns about his future in the national team. But according to the team to reflect the real situation is quite unexpected. The coaches not only without any transition of Italy, but to play Zhang Yuning midfielder, and is the collocation with Gao Lin, Wu Lei. Zhang Yuning midfielder, the biggest advantage is can use his fulcrum and retreat, to enhance the efficiency of the team from defensive to offensive. At the same time, Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin and Wu Lei can also be free transposition. Including the back of a number of players in the midfield, in the other side of the guard strict restrictions on Zhang Yuning, there is also a space before the shot shot. It is worth noting that, when Zhang Yuning was in the middle of the road, had been to get the attention of the Gao Lin, the position may be fixed on the left side of the road, the rest of the world in the future. Left front, both in front of the Gao Lin teaching competition hit, but also in the course of the coach Hengda has been accustomed to the division of the work of the. However, when Zhang Yuning returns and temporarily get hired, the players also have some different feelings. For example, compared to the previous focus on the ground of the play, we will have some distance in straight pass, or long ball attack attempt. However, Zhang Yuning, after all, is the first time to enter the Lippi national team training, there is a point of view: perhaps the new coach is investigating his characteristics and capabilities, the possibility of the existence of the test. While vigorously using, perhaps can not explain too much. Early lock the main center position? Seems to say that some of the early fashion. As for the game to play eye-catching Zhang Xizhe, it is learned on the 10 day of this training class, P