00United legend gunmen youth talent went too low – vision relegation team sports Sohu|United legend gunmen youth talent went too low – vision relegation team sports Sohu7

United legend gunmen youth talent: went too low – vision relegation team sports Sohu United legend gunmen youth talent   on deadline day, Will Hill’s future was of concern, he eventually chose to join Bournemouth, according to the British "sun" in the view of news, United legend Scholes, this decision eye small threat is too low, should not go to a small team like. Will Hill has long been famous, as early as in 2001 to join Arsenal youth system, but he is shot the famous glass, but in the previous season, the Wenger thought of "Prince" only played 3 times, play did not meet expectations, but he still participated in this summer’s European cup. In the last two days of the transfer window, suddenly heard Will Hill will be rented out when the news, including Rome and Milan have AC this team to an invitation, but Will Hill remained unmoved, finally chose the south coast of England and Bournemouth, while the other is just a relegation team. In this regard, Scholes commented, "if he had to leave Arsenal, I hope he joined the Rome giants this, overseas experience, this is good for him and England, he should play in England before the three four team, he should set a goal, he will set too low I worry about that." Scholes also warned Will Hill, even came to Bournemouth to join the Bournemouth competition, "does not mean that he can still play, no matter what the team, whether it is Bournemouth or Rome, Manchester United, he will need to play. You need to have a good play, to play in the first team, I believe that in Bournemouth there are players said, "I am looking forward to replace Jack, I want to play his position.". There’s always going to be a worry about his health. I don’t know what his ankle is like. I know he’s been struggling. If he can stay fit, he will be a top player." Will Hill was once considered to emulate Gascoigne in midfield, but his injuries too much, the occupation career development is not smooth don’t know if he will usher in a new life in Bournemouth. (listen to the wind)