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Stock market morning paper 2 trillion and 200 billion investment to help up a share of the Mid Autum519697

The stock market: Post 2.2 trillion investment to help stocks rose a mid autumn Festival holiday arrangement chart Phoenix Financial News yesterday PPP stocks broke out across the board, and promote 20 jointly by the Ministry of Finance and other departments of the second batch of PPP demonstration project list will be announced in early 9, 8 16 April, the Ministry of Finance website news, a third group of PPP demonstration projects have been completed during the reporting work. As of July 25th, a total of 1070 projects have been received, the total investment of the project is about 2 trillion and 200 billion yuan. Involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, affordable housing projects, education, culture, health care, health care, pension, tourism, sports and other public services. Related stocks or will continue to be hot; in addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange yesterday released the Mid Autumn Festival arrangements, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not yet released, but there will be no change. Securities News: []: the State Council policy appropriate to expand domestic demand to increase efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy according to GOV.cn news September 6th, September 5th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, deployed in key areas and weak links and increase efforts to make up the short board, rely on reform and opening up to promote the development of upgrading and improving people’s livelihood. The meeting pointed out that innovative financing methods, overall revitalize the precipitation funds. Play the role of government investment guidance, in accordance with the market-oriented operation and sustainable requirements on poverty alleviation relocation as the focus of scientific and rational use of special construction funds, such as the increase of water conservancy and weak links, the city flood facilities construction investment in the central budget. The meeting stressed the need to mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital, and further liberalized investment restrictions in infrastructure areas. CIRC: the insurance company to name "Paul", to prevent big shareholders from the insurance company into the financing platform of China Insurance Regulatory Commission: to further improve the system of personal insurance at the same time, the integrated use of various means to strengthen the supervision of universal insurance and other personal insurance products, adherence to risk the bottom line; promote the insurance company to adjust the structure to the way to speed up the risk protection and long-term savings business development, require insurance companies to name "Paul", to prevent big shareholders from the insurance company into the financing platform of the insurance company; asset liability mismatch risk for the company to conduct a comprehensive investigation, risk promptly take appropriate regulatory measures. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) has said that it is necessary to put an end to the simple alienation of life insurance products into short-term financial products; to continue the implementation of the total amount control policy of capital investment and net assets, and to control the total risk exposure. To guide the insurance company to make short deposit and renewal business in scientific planning, to change its own development mode, and to keep pace with the pace of gradual and orderly regulation. Take full account of the affordability of the market, grasp the regulatory policy discretion, avoid "slam the brakes" or "one size fits all", to maintain the overall stability of the market. CSRC: Mr. Chang Chang, who is the assistant chairman of CSRC, released the information on the morning of the 6 day by the official micro-blog of China Securities Regulatory Commission. Recently, the State Council decided that Chang Chang could be the assistant chairman of the China Securities Regulatory commission. From 2000 to 2004, Xuan Chang worked in the CSRC. He served as a member of the Planning Committee and deputy director of the organization supervision department. Before being appointed as assistant chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Xuan Chang could be appointed as china; 股市早报:2.2万亿投资助涨一类股 中秋节休市安排 走势图 凤凰财经讯 昨日PPP概念股全线爆发,由财政部等20个部门联合推动的PPP第三批示范项目清单9月初将公布,8月16日,财政部网站消息,第三批PPP示范项目在申报工作已完成。截至7月25日,共收到各地申报项目1070个,项目计划总投资约2.2万亿元。涉及能源、交通运输、水利、环境保护、市政公用事业、农业、林业、科技、保障性安居工程、教育、文化、医疗、卫生、养老、旅游、体育等公共服务领域。相关概念股或将持续火爆; 另外,上交所昨日发布了中秋节休市安排,深交所尚未同步发布,但不会有变动。 证券要闻: 【政策面】 国务院:适当扩大内需加大积极财政政策实施力度 据中国政府网9月6日消息,国务院总理李克强9月5日主持召开国务院常务会议,部署在关键领域和薄弱环节加大补短板工作力度,依靠改革开放推动发展升级和民生改善。会议指出,创新融资方式,统筹盘活沉淀资金。发挥政府投资引导作用,按照市场化运作和可持续的要求,以易地扶贫搬迁等为重点科学合理使用专项建设基金,加大中央预算内投资对水利薄弱环节、城市防涝设施建设等投入。会议强调要调动社会资本积极性,进一步放开基础设施领域投资限制。 保监会:保险公司要姓“保”,防止大股东把保险公司变成融资平台 保监会:进一步完善人身保险精算制度的同时,将综合运用多种手段,强化对万能保险等人身保险产品的监管力度,严守风险底线;推进保险公司调结构、转方式,加快风险保障型和长期储蓄型业务发展,要求保险公司要姓“保”,防止大股东把保险公司变成融资平台;对保险公司的资产负债错配风险进行全面排查,对于风险较大的公司及时采取相应的监管措施。保监会表示,杜绝将人身保险产品简单异化为短期理财产品的行为;对于中短存续期产品,继续实施严格的投入资本与净资产取大的总量控制政策,控制好风险总敞口。引导保险公司科学规划中短存续期业务,切实转变自身发展方式;坚持循序渐进的调控节奏。充分考虑市场的可承受力,把握好监管政策分寸,避免“急刹车”或“一刀切”,维护市场整体稳定。 证监会:宣昌能任证监会主席助理 中国证监会官方微博6日早间发布信息称,近日,国务院决定,宣昌能任中国证券监督管理委员会主席助理。2000年到2004年,宣昌能曾在证监会工作,先后担任当时的规划委委员和机构监管部副主任。被任命为证监会主席助理前,宣昌能任中国人民银行稳定局局长。 【市场面】 上交所公布中秋节休市安排 上交所公布2016年中秋节休市安排,称9月15日至9月17日休市,9月19日起照常开市。另外,9月18日为周末休市。 证券保证金净流出205亿元连续两周净流出 投保基金公布最新数据显示,上周,证券交易结算资金银证转账转入额为4315亿元,转出额为4520亿元,证券保证金净流出266亿元,结束连续四周净流入。据中证登数据,上周新增投资者数量为49.86万,相比上周63.41万大幅减少,投资者入市步伐放缓。 二、热点事件 国资委推央企间产业重组合作整合八家央企首开先河 今日下午,在国务院国资委的指导下,中航工业、兵器工业、兵器装备、中核建设、国机集团、保利集团、中国国新、中国一重这8家央企本着友好协商、互利共赢的原则,决定在相关领域实现联合协作。 三、事件利好: 第三批PPP示范项目即将公布 2万亿项目带来新一轮投资潮 按照工作计划,由财政部等20个部门联合推动的PPP第三批示范项目清单9月初将公布,也带动近期A股市场上PPP概念股持续火爆。8月16日,财政部网站消息,第三批PPP示范项目在申报工作已完成。截至7月25日,共收到各地申报项目1070个,项目计划总投资约2.2万亿元。涉及能源、交通运输、水利、环境保护、市政公用事业、农业、林业、科技、保障性安居工程、教育、文化、医疗、卫生、养老、旅游、体育等公共服务领域。 PPP项目概念股:铁汉生态、博世科、中国铁建、达实智能、安徽水利、华夏幸福、岭南园林、同方股份、腾达建设、必康股份、华控赛格共9家。其余还有:粤水电、苏交科、兴蓉环境、丽鹏股份、高新兴、世纪星源、新筑股份、汉森制药、普邦园林、安诺其、葛洲坝、龙马环卫、国电南瑞、易华录、东方园林、兴源环境、蒙草生态、中毅达、华西能源、隆华节能、泰达股份、巴安水务、晓程科技、隧道股份、宁波建工、纳川股份、伟明环保、万邦达、云投生态、海航基础、三维丝、中安消、神州长城、特锐德、上海建工、新界泵业、大禹节水、天翔环境、科融环境、美丽生态、中国建筑、广电网络、环能科技、围海股份、美尚生态、物产中大、数字政通、阳普医疗、海南瑞泽、渤海股份、*ST合金、绿地控股、国中水务、宏润建设、中金环境、宝德股份、山东路桥、龙建股份、东江环保、中国中铁、兴业科技、津膜科技、中南建设、国统股份、依米康、中珠医疗等 环保行业业绩抢眼多项节能环保政策将出台 近日国家发改委刊文表示,多项环保政策即将出台。其中最值得关注的是,发改委下一步工作要强化产业扶持,即研究制定“十三五”节能环保产业发展规划,明确产业发展方向和支持政策,大力推进节能环保产业供给侧结构性改革。另外,还将进一步宣传并贯彻实行《绿色债券发行指引》,鼓励符合条件的企业发行绿色债券,推动设立国家绿色发展基金。研究设立节能环保产业发展基金,引导社会资本投入节能环保产业。另外从2016年半年报各行业盈利情况看,环保行业的上市公司业绩增长明显。 相关股:伟明环保、中电环保、科融环境、万邦达涨、先河环保、巴安水务、迪森股份、聚光科技、永清环保、清新环境涨、碧水源涨等 锂电池标准讨论会将召开 工业和信息化部锂电池安全标准特别工作组定于2016年9月8日~9日在深圳召开锂离子电池标准讨论会。近期,工信部装备工业司司长李东表示,电池管理系统技术条件、动力电池的编码、规格尺寸等标准正在编制、修订,并且也要尽快出台。可见,锂电池行业标准发展指日可待。 相关股:天齐锂业(sz002466)、赣锋锂业(sz002460)、拓邦股份(sz002139) 光通讯行业研讨会将举办运营商需求支持行业向好 2016年中国光通讯技术与应用研讨会将于9月8日在深圳召开,工信部专家、电信运营商、网络设备商、光纤光缆厂商以及应用提供商等全产业链领军代表受邀参与。此次研讨会将深度交流与讨论光通讯产业未来发展趋势,分享最前沿的创新技术及解决方案。 相关股:烽火通信(600498)、光迅科技(002281)、三安光电(600703)、国星光电(002449) 石墨烯超级电容问世,可穿戴领域应用广泛 近日,新加坡南洋理工大学研究团队研发了专供可穿戴电子产品使用的石墨烯超级电容。由于其具有折叠和弯曲的性能,这款石墨烯超级电容除了能用于压力传感器和化学传感器外,还能适应各类小型智能穿戴设备和任何具有柔软性的智能产品。这款产品已在第252届美国化学学会的研讨会上公布。 相关股:美都能源(600175)、方大炭素(600516)、康得新(002450) 十三五健康产业科技创新专项规划望于今年发布 9月6日从科技部获悉,日前,科技部社会发展科技司在北京组织召开《“十三五”健康产业科技创新专项规划(征求意见稿)》论证会。按照《规划》总体工作安排,进一步修改完善《规划》,并征求部门意见后,计划于今年正式发布。 相关股:九州通(600998)、乐金健康(300247)、乐金健康(300247) 全国生态旅游发展规划印发打造八大旅游片区 发改委和旅游局印发全国生态旅游发展规划(2016—2025 年)。《规划》确定了全国生态旅游发展的指导思想、基本原则、发展目标、总体布局、重点任务,提出了六个方面的配套体系建设任务,并就实施保障做了具体安排,是未来十年全国生态旅游发展的重要指导性文件。 相关股:中国国旅(601888)、宋城演艺(300144)、腾邦国际(300178) 四、个股掘金: 【新股】 亚泰国际、朗科智能2只新股拟于9月8日登陆深交所上市交易 深圳市亚泰国际建设股份有限公司人民币普通股股票将于2016年9月8日在深交所中小板上市。证券简称为“亚泰国际”,证券代码为“002811”。公司人民币普通股股份总数为180,000,000股,其中首次公开发行的45,000,000股股票自上市之日起开始上市交易。 深圳市朗科智能电气股份有限公司人民币普通股股票将于2016年9月8日在深交所创业板上市。证券简称为“朗科智能”,证券代码为“300543”。公司人民币普通股股份总数为60,000,000股,其中首次公开发行的15,000,000股股票自上市之日起开始上市交易。 【重大事项】 光线传媒:参股公司多米在线获准挂牌新三板 绿盟科技:拟推限制性股票激励计划, 拟向631名激励对象以每股20.01元授予781.1万股限制性股票 英飞拓:筹划6.5亿元收购广告公司 金浦钛业:上调钛白粉销售价格 东旭光电:拟16.5亿投建石墨烯基锂电池项目 曙光股份与三星SDI等投资设立合资公司 中信证券:否认出售里昂证券 新洋丰:收到控股股东9000万元短线交易获利款 渤海股份:20亿PPP项目预中标 万达院线:8月实现票房6.28亿元 南极电商:7日复牌拟9.56亿收购时间互联 *ST南电A:重组拟剥离亏损地产业务 商赢环球:终止筹划重大资产重组事项 【增减持】 慧球科技:瑞莱嘉誉二度举牌持股比例达10% 乐视网:高级管理人员增持66000股股份 中文在线:股东拟减持不超186万股 特尔佳:股东减持2.2915%公司股份 中国武夷:第二大股东减持999万股,占比2% 电科院:控股股东完成减持1200万股计划 高伟达:两家股东合计减持500万股 天宝股份:控股股东完成减持2840万股计划 天泽信息:实控人减持公司5%股份。 皇氏集团:实际控制人减持4.78%公司股份 华夏银行:永泰能源子公司累计减持逾7300万股 中国武夷:第二大股东拟减持公司2%股份 九有股份:股东长沙讯鼎持股比例降至5%以下 【业绩】 中信证券母公司8月净利润环比下降43.6% 太平洋母公司8月净利润4981.65万元,环比增逾四倍 兴业证券母公司8月净利润2.02亿,环比下降3% 长江证券母公司8月净利1.70亿元,环比降15.56%。 华泰证券母公司8月净利润环比下降9% 方正证券母公司8月净利润环比下降26% 国泰君安母公司8月净利润环比下降13% 招商证券母公司8月净利润环比增逾两成 国元证券母公司8月净利润环比增长近七成 国海证券母公司8月净利润环比持平 东吴证券母公司8月净利润环比增长23% 广发证券母公司8月净利润环比增长6% 国信证券8月实现净利润环比增长三成 西部证券8月实现净利润0.8亿元环比下降四成 海通证券母公司8月净利润环比下降一成 山西证券8月净利润环比增长一成 东兴证券母公司8月净利润环比下降8% 西南证券母公司8月净利润环比下降八成 国金证券母公司8月净利润环比下降26% 【中签】 通用股份中签号出炉共15.7万个 新晨科技中签结果出炉共有40,590个 【停复牌】 同花顺:股票7日复牌,被诉侵权案尚未裁定 江淮汽车:签署对公司有重要影响的合作备忘录,9月7日临时停牌一天 东方新星:股价涨幅较大公司申请于2016年9月7日开市起停牌核查 重庆百货:拟筹划定增事项7日起停牌 山东高速:拟筹划定增事项7日起停牌 文化长城:定增事项完成缴款7日复牌 迦南科技:定增认购对象完成报价7日复牌 三六五网:停牌筹划投资事项 五、机构点评: 【中航证券】 昨日行情的亮点来自创业板,该指数全天呈现为绝对的领涨态势,午后高点刷新了近十几天的窄幅震荡的高点——8月17日2218点,短期来看创业板2260点附近的阻力也是现实存在的,投资者暂不可强烈的看多;不过小盘股由于有相当的群众基础,所以它们的活跃还是给市场带来一些兴奋点,由于小盘股的高波动特点,对绝大多数投资者来说把握起来有一定难度,对于此类个股不建议采取追涨的方式,短线交易以逢低吸纳快进快出比较合适。 【同花顺】 市场在失去国家队维稳后,早盘陷入调整,市场成交量无法放大尚处于存量资金博弈的阶段,午后开盘三大股指由ppp概念股带领,总体上呈现震荡走强的态势。G20期间中美就推进财政对稳经济的作用达成一致,同时承诺向地方政府推介PPP模式,ppp概念股大涨,板块效应大幅扩散。短期建议,明日静待ppp概念持续性如何再做定夺。 【巨丰投顾】 总体上,巨丰投顾多次强调股指近期的挖坑机会,并连续提示潜伏PPP概念的机会,昨日PPP概念全线爆发下,也印证了近期低吸的主策略。对于后市,应该说成交量仍是制约股指上行的主要因素,但在流动性相对充裕下,随着近期经济回稳的拖底、港股的年内新高以及宽松预期的延续,市场增量资金有望随时潜入,而一旦站稳年线,这种速度或加快,多头在成功挖坑后或许已经密谋下一个攻击目标。 大势解读,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】  盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】  股票早餐,股市内参,涨停股预测,尽在微信号【A股情报】或【agqb888】      相关的主题文章:

Ronaldo to ignore the MSN friendship Theory I don’t need to win no hug – Sports Sohureplays.net

C Luo ignored MSN: for no win friendship on I don’t need to embrace the Sohu sports local time on February 16th, C Luo attended the Madrid and Rome before the conference, talked about the team’s recent performance, C Luo said he believes the team played very well in the past, " > gaoqingtu: C Luo training teeth defying Zidane combination lock February 16th local time stalking C Ronaldo, attended the Madrid and Rome before the conference, talked about the team’s recent performance, C Luo said he believes the team played very well in the past few weeks working achievements. With Rome, Real Madrid will always be seriously prepared for the challenge of the Serie A giants. Reporter: what do you think about Messi in the game with CELTA penalty? C Ronaldo: my attitude is very cautious, I know why Leo to do so, but I’m not going to talk about it more, now you can use your imagination. Reporter: how to look at the outside questioned you? C Luo: that’s normal, or at least I think so. When you praise a child who has nothing, and give him everything he wants, if you don’t do it, only the child will cry. I had this impression before, but I hope I’ll remain a nobody in the rest of the season. Interviewer: how do you feel at Real Madrid? C Luo: I’m happy to be in this club, and it has a great influence on me. I’ve been able to play regularly and get goals, which makes me happy, and I’m playing at the greatest club in the world. Reporter: looking forward to the Champions League this season? C Rowe: my view of the Champions League is the same as that in La Liga. I want to do everything I can to help Real Madrid win. It’s a special event. I always want to do the best for the fans. Interviewer: do you think Real Madrid are favourites? C Rowe: I always thought we were favourites. We won more Champions League than any team. In the league, even though we are behind with some points, but we still have the title to. But in the Champions League, all teams are starting from the same starting line. Reporter: Spray Di said that the draw would be a fair result…… C Rowe: to be honest, yes, but things are likely to change, and we’ll see what happened after tomorrow’s game. Reporter: Tohti is still at the age of 39 in the campaign. C Rowe: it’s amazing. He’s an example to everyone. He’s proving age is not everything. He’s a great example, and he shows that there’s nothing limiting you in football. Interviewer: do you think the MSN group benefited from their friendship? C Luo: do you really believe what you read? I’m telling you, when Manchester United won the Champions League, I didn’t talk much to Scholes, Giggs or Ferdinand, except for the "good morning" everyday. Don’t talk about it. Real Madrid have a perfect team. I don’t need it every night.

C罗无视MSN友谊论:对于赢球没用 我不需要拥抱-搜狐体育当地时间2月16日,C罗出席了皇马客场同罗马的赛前发布会,谈到球队最近的表现,C罗表示他认为球队踢得非常好,过去"> 高清图:C罗训练场咬牙玩命 齐祖浓眉紧锁盯梢   当地时间2月16日,C罗出席了皇马客场同罗马的赛前发布会,谈到球队最近的表现,C罗表示他认为球队踢得非常好,过去几周努力训练取得了成果。同罗马的比赛,皇马会一如既往地认真准备,以迎接意甲劲旅的挑战。   记者:你对于梅西在同塞尔塔比赛时的点球怎么看?   C罗:我的态度很谨慎,我知道为何莱奥要这么做,但是我不会更多地去谈论这件事,现在你可以随意发挥你的想象。   记者:怎么看待外界对于你的质疑?   C罗:这很正常,或者至少我认为是这样。当你表扬一个一无所有的孩子,并给他所有他想要的东西的时候,如果你突然不这么做,结果只会是那个孩子会哭泣。我在此前给人们带来了这样的印象,不过我希望在剩余的赛季中,我依旧会是一个一无所有的人。   记者:在皇马感觉如何?   C罗:我很高兴能待在这家俱乐部中,这里给予了我很大的影响。我时常能够上场比赛,并且还能收获进球,这样对我来说是再高兴不过的事了,我正在世界上最伟大的俱乐部踢球。   记者:对本赛季欧冠的展望?   C罗:我对于欧冠的看法和西甲相同,我想要尽我所能来帮助皇马取胜,这是一项特殊的赛事,我总是希望能够为球迷们做到最好。   记者:你认为皇马是夺冠热门吗?   C罗:我一直认为我们是夺冠热门,我们赢得欧冠的次数要比任何球队都多。在联赛中,尽管我们目前落后着一些分数,但我们依然有争冠渴望。不过在欧冠里,所有的球队都是从同一起跑线出发。   记者:斯帕莱迪说平局会是一个公平的结果……   C罗:实话实说,是的,但事情有可能会发生改变,我们在明天的比赛之后再来看看发生了什么。   记者:托蒂在39岁的年纪依旧在征战。   C罗:这很让人惊讶,他对于所有人来说都是榜样,他证明了年龄并不是一切。他是一个伟大的榜样,他展示了在足球世界里,没有什么可以限制你。   记者:你认为MSN组合从他们的友谊中获益了吗?   C罗:你真的相信你读到的那些吗?我实话告诉你,在曼联赢得欧冠冠军时,除去每天的“早上好”,我并不怎么同斯科尔斯、吉格斯或是费迪南德说话。不去谈那些,皇马拥有一支完美的球队,我不用每晚都要同本泽马去共进晚餐,足球的事情只会发生在球场上,我不需要拥抱或是亲吻。   记者:从去年11月份开始,你就没有在客场取得过进球。   C罗:自从我来到西班牙,告诉我有球员在客场要比主场进得多吗?没有一个。相关的主题文章:

4 men sold fake brand pipe products, one of them was arrested and said they didn’t know 小坂めぐる

4 men selling fake brand-name pipe one after being caught unaware that several men gang up in our city, selling fake brand-name pipe, finally caught by the police. In May this year, I found that the business sector in the daily work, Yunyang area man Lee Sales of a well-known brand of pipe for counterfeit products. This batch of products more than 2000, worth more than 40 yuan. Then, the transfer of clues to the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Zhang wan. Zhang Wan Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade immediately set up a class survey. Police summoned Li according to law, but Lee refused to admit the crime, through the entire responsibility to his home Wang, said the product is counterfeit brand unknown. Wang, a 36 year old Jiangsu man, was a distributor of the well-known pipe enterprise. After more than 3 months of investigation, the police arrested Wang in September this year. According to the investigation, in May this year, Lee and Wang negotiated the purchase of the brand of the pipe, Wang is responsible for contact with goods, Lee responsible for sales. In May 12th, Wang knowingly Huangshi man Luo and Hu sold a well-known brand of pipe products for counterfeit products, is still significantly lower than the market price of more than 2000 root purchase, sold in our city. At present, the 4 suspects in the case were arrested for the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks. Scan code "big Chu Shiyan", see more wonderful content!

4名男子销售假名牌管材 其中一名被抓后称不知情几名男子串通一气,在我市销售假冒名牌管材,最终全被警方抓获。今年5月,我市工商部门在日常工作中发现,郧阳区男子李某销售的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品。这批产品2000余根,案值40余万元。随后,该案件线索移交至张湾公安分局经侦大队。张湾公安分局经侦大队立即组成专班调查。民警依法传唤李某,但李某拒不承认违法犯罪经过,将全部责任推到其上家王某身上,称对产品是假冒名牌不知情。36岁的王某是江苏人,曾是该知名管材企业的经销商。警方经过3个多月侦查,于今年9月将王某抓获。经查,今年5月,李某与王某商议购进假冒该品牌的管材,由王某负责联系货源,李某负责销售。5月12日,王某明知黄石男子罗某和胡某卖的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品,仍以明显低于市场价的价格购进2000余根,在我市销售。目前,该案4名犯罪嫌疑人因涉嫌销售假冒注册商标的商品罪,被警方刑拘。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章:

Star wardrobe door Huang Xiaoming Li Bingbing broke wages stars lying gun cosmax

Star wardrobe door Huang Xiaoming Li Bingbing broke wages stars lying gun source: Beijing Beijing time financial reporter Wang Zeling [] name star wardrobe, very loud sounds are inextricably relationship with celebrities and. The fact is true, by Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and other stars of the partnership established Star in the C+ round of investment of $1 million 800 thousand, while also personally for their platform for them in the VC. However, recently, Beijing time star wardrobe employees claimed that it launched in 2012 the electricity supplier enterprises, recently because of the tense capital, employees have 3 months did not receive wages, do not pay social security for five or six months. It was in a number of programs sponsored embezzlement in stark contrast. Star wardrobe stakeholders in an interview with reporters at the time of Beijing also admitted that they do have financial constraints, many times before promised to solve the problem of wages to employees, but repeatedly frustrated. Meanwhile, also told reporters at the time of Beijing, the company is financing, will be held in October press conference announced financing information, I hope you give a chance to breathe. Employees in March did not pay a social security is a half year, Beijing has not qualified to buy a house, the star wardrobe on the line in August 2012, positioned as a fashion class APP. After the line on "burn" title to fame. One of the most eye-catching is a 61 million 190 thousand yuan in a program photographed Bea Hayden and designer of the series of works of, shocked the investment community. Recently, Beijing time broke the news that he had received Star VC investment star wardrobe from May began to default on wages, wages in June until the year before the release of hair. Broke the news, said: Star wardrobe probably from May onwards began to default on wages, before the hair is 25 monthly wages. Is the beginning of drag back for ten days, dragged on for a month, month, June or September has just issued wages. After leaving now, July and August have not received wages, provident fund and social security is currently no casualties, in July and August did not pay social security, provident fund is March to June are not equal to say now, in March after the resignation of the provident fund is no attrition in the company is dragged, solve this week but there are no what sign." The source said that it has applied for labor arbitration, and he was the same as the resignation of about two dozen colleagues have applied for arbitration, labor arbitration, said the people will be handled before the Mid Autumn Festival wardrobe. But as of press time reporter, broke the news that the matter is still not processed. Beijing Times reporter contacted two have left and employees, confirmed the situation, one has to leave a few months ago said their employees provident fund has not led to downsizing of new companies to pay the provident fund. The internal working group. In addition to the star wardrobe in arrears of staff salaries and five social insurance and one housing fund, the Beijing Times reporter learned that the star wardrobe owed payment businesses. A payment owed to the merchant to the Beijing time reporter said that the star wardrobe under normal circumstances, the purchase price of two thousand can be raised, but from the beginning of April this year, even if it is also reported相关的主题文章: